Taobao - China's largest Internet retail website and one-stop platform for shopping, socializing and information sharing. We provide air and sea freight delivery service for it, delivery in 8-10 working days.


★We use City Link/Kangaroo/SkyNet as our main shipping way for the economic concern to our customers.

★Please copy the URL link and paste to our Zifashion-Pre order Form and submit to us. 

★Then we will contact each seller to check the stock and email( you with the estimated total order amount including purchasing cost, our agent fee and shipping freight to your country.

★Once getting your order confirmation, we will send you an invoice through our system.

★After receiving your payment, we will process your order in the same working day.

★After all items arrive at our warehouse, we will dispatch your parcel within 2 working days and send you the shipping details by email.

For further enquiry please do not hesitate to chat our online assistant or email us at

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